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2022 Pride window painting


  1. Window decorating is on Tuesday May 31st-June 3rd. Paintings must be completed by 6pm on June 3rd.
  2. All paintings must be in good taste and have a Pride theme.
  3. All inquiries can be directed to
  4. Participants will be assigned to paint designated windows, and window assignments will be emailed by May 30th to the painters.  The windows themselves will have banners with the designated painter's name on them and blue tape marking where to paint. 
  5. Painters must stay between the lines of the blue tape and should not paint anywhere else on the window.
  6. Each participant painter must supply their ownpaints, brushes, water, and buckets and must clean up after themselves.
    **Shop Local. Fells Hardware and Catch a Falling Star carry these items.


  • Participants MUST stay within the lines drawn by FAN. 3M Blue Long Mask Tape has already been placed on the windows. Please make sure that your painter stays in between designated areas. 
  • Only TEMPERA, (water based paint), will be permitted. We suggest using either Palmer tempera paint or Sanford tempera paint, both are water based. Paint may be purchased at Catch a Falling Star, Michael’s, or Fells Hardware.
  • To get paint to adhere/stay on the windows, mix a pinch of powdered Bon Ami, available in pre-portioned amounts at Catch a Falling Star or for purchase at Fells Ace Hardware, into each color
  • Solid backgrounds are recommended as they hide store lettering or merchandise, which might detract from the painting. Please use light color backgrounds, such as white, light gray, light yellow, light green or light blue.
  • Premix special colors in small containers, eg egg containers, mason jars, etc.
  • Sponge brushes or Sponge rollers work well for backgrounds.
  • Small brushes work well for lettering or shadowing, 
  • Bring plastic cups to put dirty paintbrushes in
  • Have water and rags available to clean any spills or drips


  • Do not allow paint to spill or drip on sidewalk, brickwork, or any other area outside the merchant’s window. 
  • Do not use duct tape, masking tape, packing tape or Scotch tape to mask off non-painting area
  • Do not use any paint that says washable. Washable paint is not conducive for painting on windows. 
  • Participants may not use: Felt tip markers, crayons, chinamarkers, waxed base markers, permanent markers, pens or pencils. 
  • Dark color backgrounds may cause the window to crack. Such as, but not limited to: Black, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Maroon, Dark Red, Dark Orange, Dark Brown.


  • Pail or containers for water  
  • Small stools for standing on or sitting upon are helpful. No larger than milk crate is allowed.
  • Newspapers, plastic cloth, drop cloths, paper towels are recommended for placing on ground.  
  • Bring a large container for all your supplies in case the wind is uncooperative.  
  • Each painter must bring a large plastic bag or box to dispose of all waste.  
  • All trash MUST be taken with you when you leave.  
  • Bring your practice design to help you.

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